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The Bed Guy Cape Town is a sister company to The Bed Guy in Johannesburg. Established in 2007 we have been bringing quality alternatives to over priced branded beds and mattresses to the market.
We supply a full range of high quality beds and mattresses in and around Cape Town. The range includes spring and foam mattresses that will suit any sleep issue and any budget.
  • 8 Alicante Avenue, Table View, Cape Town, South Africa
  • 47 Trichard Crescent, President Park, Midrand
The Power of Sleep: Why a Good Night's Rest Matters

Sleep is not just a daily necessity; it's a vital component of our well-being.

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Sleeping positions explained

In our quest for a restful night's sleep, the way we position ourselves plays a crucial role. Explore the world of sleeping positions in our latest blog post. From the classic back sleeper to the cozy fetal curl, we'll uncover the pros and cons of each position and help you find the one that promises the sweetest dreams.

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A bad mattress is bad for your social life

A bad mattress can be bad for four social life

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Beds For Sale Cape Town

Beds for sale in Cape Town. Buy beds online and get better beds at better prices

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The Bed Guy is in Cape Town

The Bed Guy is now in Cape Town. We supply high quality beds and mattresses at better prices

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Mattress types explained

Different mattress types will have an influence on your sleep quality. Choosing the right mattress will ensure a good nights rest.

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How to choose the right bed

Buying a bed is a big investment. The wrong choice could hurt your back and pocket.

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