09 Jan

A study has shown that a bad mattress is bad for your social life

 A bad mattress is bad for your sleep health. It interferes with your life in that you can pick up numerous physical and mental ailments that are related to poor quality sleep. 

And a recent study has shown that there is also a direct link to poor sleep quality and social isolation. So apart from the mental and physical issues that can arise, you can also start feeling lonely and less likely to engage in social activities. 

How poor sleeps effects your social life

The study by the university of Berkley showed that sleep deprived individuals felt lonelier and started showing traits similar to  people with social anxiety. The same study also showed that other people found these individuals less socially attractive than others who were not effected by the social/sleep issue.

Another measurement that was identified was that this social awkwardness is that the test subjects started withdrawing their willingness to engage with and assist others. So the effect that this is having is one that distances people from each other in a big way. The study showed that this negative behavior is therefore "contagious' and can have a broader influence in the people around you. 

How to improve your social life with the correct mattress

With the connection of poor quality sleep and a deteriorating social life established, it is possible to clean up your sleep with the correct mattress choice. There are a lot of articles available that show you how your mattress can negatively impact your general health but we will focus on just a few quick telltale signs.

1. Wake with any form of physical discomforts like joint pain, numbness or stiffness

2. You sleep better when in another bed 

3. Your mattress sags or you can feel the springs 

4. You are always tired, even after a long sleep

5. Your mattress is older than seven years, our recommended replacement period.

If you can identify with any of the above it is probably a good idea to give us a call to assess your mattress quality and determine if you need a new or better one. 

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