04 Mar

There are several different mattress type available in the market. Each type has its own set of features and benefits 

Bonnell spring mattresses

Bonnell spring

The oldest and most widely use system is the Bonnell spring type. The hourglass shaped springs are joined together by border and internal connecting wires. If they are constructed properly the will outlast the other types of mattresses. These units provide a good support structure. The springs are interconnected to provide one uniform and solid sleep surface

Advantages - Affordable. Offers great support. Good ventilation. Long life 

Disadvantages - Transfers motion. Surface wears quicker. Can house dust mites

High density foam mattresses 

High density foam mattress

High density foam mattresses are also known as multi layered foam mattresses. These are made using a combination of different foam layers to make up the support and comfort levels of the mattress. The mattress usually has a chip foam base as the support core which is then layered with different harnesses and densities of foam layers to give it its specific support and comfort levels.

Advantages - Suits all sleep positions. Little or no movement transfer. Sleeps warm in the winter. Good pressure point relief.

Disadvantages - Heavy to flip. Poor ventilation. Sleeps hot in the summer. Harder feel in winter. 

Pocket spring mattresses

Pocket spring mattress

Pocket spring mattresses consist of hundreds of individually wrapped coils that each move independently from each other. This type of system is considered to be  the best all round solution for any sleep issue you may have.  Pocket spring units are the top of the range in our mattresses for sale 

Advantages - No motion transfer. Uniform comfort level across the surface. Full body support. Pressure point relief.

Disadvantages - Can tear during flipping or transport. Pricier option. Not as bouncy as innerspring. 

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